$6 Zumba Classes

We hope you all survived Sandy and are getting ready for the holidays! Are you ready to ZUMBA with Melissa? Classes are back on Thursday nights at 7pm and will be held at Evolution Martial Arts.

All Zumba Classes are only $6 for the remainder of 2012!
(class cards still accepted if you have them)

Zumba Schedule for the rest of 2012







* A minimum of 5 people will be needed to continue classes into 2013. Pre-pay for January NOW to reserve your spot ($30/month) – Pre-pay January & February together and save 10% ($54) All Non-expired class cards will still be accepted – No new class cards will be sold.   

No Sunday Classes in October

October Zumba Classes will be 8pm on Tuesday and 7pm on Thursday.


21Day Challenge – Day 21: Reflection & Action

 Pull out your list from Day 1. How many things on that list did you accomplish? If you stuck to your guns and accomplished everything CONGRATULATIONS! If not…why not? Were your goals too lofty? Did you just lose motivation and give up?

Part of the process is going through ups and downs…highs and lows…motivation will run stong sometimes and other times it won’t. How you deal with change, obstacles, and set backs will determine if and how quickly you will achieve your goals….be it long-term or short-term.

Review the past 21 days and if you skipped any…I challenge you to go back and finish them…if you DID complete all challenges make yourself a NEW list of goals to be completed today, by next week, and by next month and make sure they are in line with your 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year goals from 21 days ago.

You got this, kid…now, go and get ‘em!

21 Day Challenge – Day 20: 10,000 Steps

 Every mile starts with one little step…this challenge requires you to take 10,000 steps (approx 5 miles) So whether you walk or run get in 10,000 steps…even if you have to break it up over the course of the day. Find a trail or track where measuring 5 miles would be easy…or pick yourself up a pedometer and wear it all day so it can count your steps. See how long it takes you to get to 10,000 steps and then try to beat it next time you attempt it!

One day left of the challenge. How many have you completed?

21 Day Challenge – Day 19: Sugar Free Week

Cut the sugar out this week…YIKES! No, I don’t mean natural suagar…keep eating your fruit…but cut out the sugary drinks…don’t add sugar to anything…this will be a very hard challenge if you are used to a lot of sugar and processed foods. You will feel like you are going though a detox…and you ARE…you may experience headaches and maybe even mood swings (so warn your friends and family) BUT by the end of the week you will have done such a great thing for your body and will most likely feel much better…don’t be a wimp…get through the 7 days…come on…you can do it!

21 Day Challenge – Day 17: Clean it up & Clean it out

 How many of us have crap in the fridge they forgot about? Or thought would be used at some point…or even maybe in the pantry or cabinets?

This challenge is to clean out all the crap…whether it’s old and moldy or just really not healthy for you (come on…we all have a few Ramen Noodle packages in the cabinets!) How many salad dressings do you have? Have you checked the expiration dates on those things? Yikes…get rid of them!

Make room for new, healthy and fresh foods. When you can actually see what’s in your fridge you are more likely to make good choices rather than having to move 4 half empty soda bottles out of the way.

21 Day Challenge – Day 16: 50 Burpees in 30 mins

Ready? Go!

21 Day Challenge – Days 14 & 15 Combined: Oops!

Oh boy, did I screw up! How did I let Day 14 of the challenge get away from me?!? Well, just like any challenge…there will be hiccups…and it’s all about how you react to them…do you STOP or do you keep going and push through? I’m going to keep going…how about you…are you still going or have you stopped after Day 4?

Today is a double dose challenge…here goes: 1) Today focus on your water intake. Make sure to get a gallon of water in. If a gallon sounds like a lot…it’s not…and especially being the summer and all this working out you are doing! If you were to start NOW (8am) and drink 8oz every hour until 11pm tonight you will have consumed a gallon…but let’s be serious…you’ll probably be done before 11pm because 8oz of water is like 2 gulps and you’re done…simple….get it in…and YES, you WILL pee a lot…so be ready for that…but also be ready for a renewed source of energy too!

2) The next challenge today is TRY SOMETHING NEW. If you have always wanted to try yoga…take a class…if you have been saying “I need to get to the track” find the closest high school…Kettlebells…CrossFit…Go for it…Boxing, ballroom dancing…you name it. Find something you either never did or always wanted to try ,and get to it! Break out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to ask for help…part of the reason why people stay in their comfort zones is because they don’t know how to do something. Well…find someone who can show you and/or teach you and you never know…you might find something new that you like!

Whew…all caught up until tomorrow…less than 1 week left of the 21 Day Challenge!


21 Day Challenge – Day 13: 10 to 1

At first it fees like a long road…a hill climb…and then BAM! Before you know it you’re done!

Today’s challenge is simple…you will perform 3 exercises in a circuit fashion 10 times each….then 9 times each…then 8…7….6…and so on.

Here are your exercises:

1) Push ups

2) Mountain climbers

3) Sit ups/crunches


Round 1 is 10 Push Ups – 10 Mountain Climbers – 10 Sit ups/Crunches

Round 2 is 9 Push ups – 9 Mountain Climbers – 9 Sit ups/Crunches

Keep going until you get to 1 of each.

For an added bonus…time yourself to see how fast you can complete it!


21 Day Challenge – Day 12: Slow Your Roll

Today’s challenge is that of self-control and will power. This one might be hard since Sunday is usually a big “Family Dinner” day…but if it was easy then it wouldn’t be a challenge, now would it!?!

No over indulging today. Do you REALLY need dessert today? Is a second helping of pasta or mashed potatoes necessary? Are you even still hungry, or does it just taste so good that you want to keep eating it? Remember, those cookies, that pasta, and BOTTLE of wine will still be there tomorrow, so slow your roll and step back.

Enjoy the company you are keeping rather than focus on just the food you are consuming. Laugh with your family and friends, go for a walk with them, or play a game…you’ll realize tomorrow that skipping the extras was a good idea!


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